Qs for Pancho

This is where we swap ideas and pointers and successful actions and any assistance I can give you or that you can give me. I am interested in the future and want to hear your ideas of how we are going to make it happen.

Also, tell me what you think of this blog, and advise me about how I can make it better and more useful for you.

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8 thoughts on “Qs for Pancho

  1. Hi Mark! I love your blog!

    I was wondering, given there is no formal place for Independent Scientologists to bring people to, what a good path would be? I really can see your tone scale seminar being a great introductory tool. In former days next was getting the person on a life improvement course and hopefully then to auditing.

    Without this, I see my competency level needs to come way up as far as understanding and application to help a person bridge that gap and reach for auditing. I know it is different for each person, but are there some other field basics you can point me to so that I can start developing my own skills to accomplish this?

    Thank you, Doug

  2. Hello Doug,

    Thanks a lot for your questions, shared by many I’m sure.

    The simple answer to an excellent and penetrating runway is to show your friends the tone scale video and answer their questions.

    One huge advantage to the Tone Scale video as a first step is that it is very “user friendly,” and anyone who sees it can recognize himself or herself all over the scale. This opens the conversation as they discover that EVERYONE has areas of low tone. People are more accessible and willing to share their awarenesses.

    You would then do the Dissem Drill with them to determine their own reality on personal barriers, and then get them on this Dianetics kit and through the videos.

    The KEY to stable enthusiasm is a little theory and a LOT of mass. I would get them co-auditing as fast as possible and just keep them winning.

    The next step would be to get more training yourself in, for example, purification r/d supervision. It is a bottleneck and everyone needs to pass through it to really move on the Bridge. This is a service with which you can come out of NE with other Scientologists, and this would create at the same time a number of field groups networking and expanding by association.

    The original BOOM was with the Dianetics line, so it is certainly a compelling argument in answer of the question, “What next?”

    While you expand and are helping so many people you can expand your NE and find out from them and from your associated Scientologists what is needed and wanted, and just roll on from there!

    Thanks again for your post, Doug.

    Can you tell me how I can improve this blog?



  3. Ubiquilo


    I have watched the Tone Scale seminar, and want more. It was much more user friendly than anything I’ve seen up to this point. What I wanted afterward was more tips on how to move up the Scale. This could be a topic in the future.

    I have also started to use suggestions on public speaking, and suggestions on how to read LRH.

    Something that would be of interest to me (and perhaps others) is an overview of word clearing, with some pointers and practical examples. As a big reader, it would be of practical value immediately.

    Lastly, I like the safe environment you have created at this blog. Keep the knowledge open and free and accessible, and lessen the fear and negative PR, and build the Rennaisance of the subject. So far, so good – To an interested non-Scientologist, who wants to use what’s good about the subject, and leave the rest behind, this blog is a great start.

    • Ubiquilo,

      These are terrific points you have made, and I will address each one with postings.

      You have grasped the purpose of this blog very well in that my intention is just to keep the content oriented to things that will help people, and avoid the intrigue of what is occurring with the corporate side of the church – which sadly is peopled with personnel who do not apply Scientology technology or reflect the intentions of L. Ron Hubbard (in my humble opinion!)

      By the way, there are Scientologists called “Independants” who operate separately from the church and who therefore remain focused on the subject. You would be well advised to seek out these people and groups and avail yourself of an approach to the subject that is more aligned with what the Founder had in mind – and which you have stated above as what you are looking for.

      This blog is merely intended as an ‘introductory zone” to help people find their way more easily and smoothly as they begin to discover what Scientology has to offer in terms of practical knowledge. For a more complete understanding one must pursue the subject as Mr. Hubbard laid it out through actual courses one can do that offer a more comprehensive and practical understanding of specific areas.

      Thanks again for your continuing support.


  4. Errol Sayin

    I am on my 2nd reading of your book…and I think it is incredible.

    • Hello Errol,

      I’m very happy to hear this news and hope you will apply this material to your benefit and to the benefit of any who have the pleasure of doing business with you.

      All the best!

  5. Foremost

    Hi Mark.

    Your debut into the Independents is like a breath of fresh air, bringing with you a causative viewpoint and focusing on the improvements to conditions and life that the application of Scientology Technology can effect.

    I wish you the best, all the power to you.



    • Thank you very much, Foremost! I’m happy to see the blog is so well received by everyone, and hope you will help me spread the word so more can benefit. Warm regards, Mark

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