Update 2016!

I have all but ignored this blog for the past couple of years for reasons that would be extremely boring for you but, obviously, very interesting for me.  So I’ll spare you the details.

What might be interesting for you is that I have been touring and delivering workshops from Russia to South Africa, and in this term have made a few observations that might stir some comment.

First, the toughness of the Russian people never ceases to amaze.  I recently conducted a 7 – Day Bootcamp on Organisation Fundamentals to about twenty engaged people, and the result was extraordinary.  Going back there in August for another round.  Notable about this event was the complete absence of these fundamentals in the Russian marketplace.  It has always been my thought that these should be taught to every child before the age of ten.  To discover that there are people passing their entire lifetimes without them is just mind-boggling.  In spite of this, these people survive 40 degrees below zero winters and keep smiles on their faces.

Second, It amazes me how so many get so caught up in things of no consequence.  Of particular application over the past couple of years has been the observation that when you set out to solve a problem and the problem doesn’t solve, you’re solving the wrong problem!  The election fervour in the US, for an example, is an obvious illustration of this.  The primary issues facing the planet today are being completely ignored from the podium, while candidates for the apparently high office of President go on about the pitfalls of their opponents.  Like schoolyard kids vying for the “Best Bully” award.

Concerning the environment, noone pays attention to the number one destructive agent to the environment.  It’s not Oil.  It’s not emissions or the fact that you don’t separate your trash in to piles of organic and non-organic.  It’s Agribusiness: the business of raising and feeding cows for consumption.  You really need to google this subject for an eye-opening experience. HUGE chunks of the rainforest in South America has been turned in to grazing land for cattle that will be fed to US consumers.  The effect of this alone on the oxygen content on this planet just boggles the mind.  Without oxygen the chemtrail issues become daunting and the “global warming” things continue to alarm.  But try to bring this to anyone’s mind – as Opra did some years ago – and you find out why you never hear of this problem. Agribuisness: the number one polluter by a factor of 100.

You also never hear of the recidivism problem (people returning to jail). Since the prison system has moved in to the business world and these joints are privately run, there is no motivation to FIX these people. More convicts mean higher profits.  Of course the Encanada program some years back proved that we can eliminate the recidivism problem – which is a HUGE drain on state and federal resources.  But the program was canned due to vested interests.  Crime goes on unchecked, and we move closer and closer to the surrender of ALL human rights in order to handle these false-flag situations.

The criticism of Muslims is another issue that has rattled my cage a bit. Creating a scapegoat as the cause of these false-flags set up by moneyed interests is an egregious assault on the security of the planet.  When we start naming an entire culture as the reason for our issues, we revisit times in our past best described as psychotic.

Seeing other parts of the world has been quite therapeutic for me as these challenges are well known in areas outside of the US, and there is real hope of addressing them in less-monitored environments.

I rant.  But it feels good to at least have done something again to get this blog popping.

Tell me your thoughts!


All the best,



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10 thoughts on “Update 2016!

  1. Jean Grier

    Hi Mark! It’s jean grier – your rants are the same as my rants! Ha – I’m happy to see that you’ve been all over the place – Lucky you! Keep it up!

    • Hi Jean! Nice of you to stop by! Fellow ranters need each other like poles on a battery. Travel is a part of the soil with me, for sure. Someone can’t see his own house by looking out its front windows. Your reply suggests you don’t get out much? Love back.

  2. Great to see you back online. I have been quite selfishly missing seeing you around. But I knew that you had to be up to only the very best sort of theta mischief! And I see that I was correct.

  3. The US has always been famous for “wrong target” due to special interests, big money, you know the rest. Few choose to ‘see it’ as it does not forward the goals of the ones that line their pockets, thus keeping the US at effect of their self serving agenda.

    IMO, you are spot-on here.

    Love to hear you are making inroads as organizational fundamentals are the base of everything I do in my life. Sending love from Austin TX

  4. So I pop on your site today to forward the tone scale seminars to a new friend and BOOM your back on here LOL. How awesome. Trust all is well and thanks for this data I want to look it up.

    • Hey Tommy, I’m glad you’re getting such use out of this material! It’s good stuff, and quite practical. Please help me spread the word! All the best, Mark

  5. Rob Thomas

    Shreffy thanks for enlightening me on the agribusiness issue. miss you man.

    • Hi Rob, Yeah, that was a mind-wrenching discovery for me, and actually a source of some relief as it made so much sense and was out of the train of usual thought. As we have well learned, when we set out to solve a problem and the problem doesn’t solve, we are solving the wrong problem! Of course agribusiness is not the problem but a manifestation of a deeper situation that is the failure of proper education. Of course that failure is held in place by the ones making all the dough from these problems – but here I go ranting again! I’m happy to hear from you, Rob.

  6. Bruce

    Hello again Mark,

    Thanks for posting this. You are, in my opinion, one of the sanest, most reliable sources I have ever heard. I just love you back on line.

    There is nothing I have to add to this at this but but one:

    When you comment on something, like the Encanada program, it would be good if you had at least one link to those of us who have not heard of this.

    And, go Mark, my living hero. I don’t have anyone else living that I can put in class.

  7. Hi Bruce,

    Wow, I blush by your compliments as I still have a ways to go in my own estimation. But I’m thrilled you have gained from our association!

    The Ensenada program created HUGE effects but I have no idea how to discover these on-line. My personal experience with it was the program we did in Albuquerque at the prison facility there. We had government people coming from everywhere who were blown out, tears streaming at what they saw and experienced. The program also went to Israel where they actually (according to reports that I did not verify for myself but could certainly believe as they aligned with my own experience) closed two prisons.

    Of course the prisons today are largely run by the private sector who have nothing to gain and everything to lose by emptying their facilities. This is why the project was snuffed. It is not that we cannot solve these gargantuan problems. It is that there are so many making a fortune by holding them in place.

    The program consisted principally of HARD TR’s, clay-demoing The Way to Happiness precepts and an understanding of ethics fundamentals – including an education in the characteristics of social and anti-social personalities. I still have chills thinking of the way these “criminals” responded, and the wins they had. And, of course, that they left prison and didn’t come back! I realised that this population is largely social personalities who fell under the control of suppressive people. It is, ironically, the suppressive who should sequestered, but they are busy running the prisons and sending people in to them!

    What are you doing these days, Bruce? Write me at mark@rainmakersworkshops.com

    All the best,


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