Selling Made Easy

My favorite audience is a room full of sales managers and sales people.  They are alive and responsive and know that what they are about to learn is going to make a difference in their lives.  They are at the head of the business wave.

I’ve been training salespeople around the world for 30 years and have had a ball doing it.  From these experiences I have culled the most productive pointers and illustrations to bring about better selling, and have included them in this segment of my blog.

There are videos that tease and educate – but are not complete in their descriptions as the idea was to have people reach to find out more.  Well, I put them here so you could ask your questions and I will answer them on the blog.

I Love helping salespeople.  And by the way, EVERYBODY sells SOMETHING!  Are you married?  Man, if you can close THAT deal, you can close anything.

This is for the amateur and the pro.  It is fundamentals you have never heard before, and I have even included on the blog the entirety of my sales book, WHAT MY TEACHERS NEVER TAUGHT ME ABOUT SELLING. (TM)

Enjoy yourself.  If you really love it, contact me and we’ll do something for your company!

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6 Key Points Every Sales Manager Must Know

The Biggest Deal Killer – Invalidation

Seriousness – The Enemy of a Sales Team



2 thoughts on “Selling Made Easy

  1. What is a vampire?

    • Hi Brett,

      A “Vampire Personality” is one that preys on other people by way of suppression and invalidation and other methods that leave these people feeling badly and doing poorly in their lives. Fortunatly these personalities are in the minority, but when they are around cause havoc. This is why we are interested in identifying them: when you see these indicators – like illness in your sales room – the first place to look is for any vampire personalities that might have been hired or even customers who came in, wasted everyone’s time and then left.

      Thanks for the question.


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