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  1. Hei Mark

    I see us, in the near future, playing a round of golf together. I saw your Tone Scale vids today and liked your presentation style. We share many of the same jokes, stories and tools.

    brendan martin

    • Brendan!

      Good to hear from you, mate, and I will bring my clubs with me when I come across in September if you are up to the challenge! I’m very excited by the notion of associating with you in some capacity to assist as many people and groups as possible.

      Warm regards,


  2. Bob


    First I’d like to acknowledge you on your blog. Very well done!

    Secondly, where did you catch that fish?

    You and I have crossed paths but I’m not sure where. I was at Sterling for a short time in 1986.

    I guess I’m just trying to figure out what your goals and purposes are with regards to the tech in pt.



    • Hello Bob,

      I love it that you noticed this beautiful girl. I caught her in the Rio Grande in New Mexico, above Santa Fe.

      Thank you for your ack on the blog. I hope that many find it useful. This is my purpose, by the way: to restore the Spirit of Play in the workplace by exporting these gems like the Tone Scale far and wide to people who have never been acquainted with it.

      You recall the boom years at Sterling when we were in full flush with so many businesses who who were prospering through the application of the Administrative Technologies from Ron. Well, I went on from there to deliver it on 5 Continents to many thousands of execs, and it’s a thrill every time because I’m still learning from it myself!

      What are you doing these days?


  3. Scott Wheeldon

    Hello Mark,
    This is Scott Wheeldon. It’s been a long time. You seem to be doing well. I was watching your Tone Scale Video. It was good to see you again. I’ll leave my e-mail address if you want to catch up.

    • Scottman!!

      Crimminy, dude, it’s been 30 years! We’re still alive!! I have recently been in comm with several of our mates from Cincinnati and it’s been a great week as a result. Definitely send me your mail and we’ll catch up – and don’t forget to tell me how much you enjoyed that Tone Scale seminar!



  4. Sharon

    Hey Shreffy, So I have the million dollar question for you. If a being is dying and doesn’t have any clue of the tech and is in denial about dying, do I tell them the truth as I know it or just be present and compassionate in their struggle, fear and suffering? It’s happening with my Aunt who is such a dear, sweet, very scared person. I desperately want to tell her the truth, but I think it might be too steep a gradient. But I also want her to be closer to ‘getting it’ next time around.
    As always, I love hearing from you and value your thoughts and opinions.

    Much Love and great job with this site. I’ll look forward to hearing from you,


    • Hi Sharona,

      As happy as I am to hear from you, I’m sorry to hear the news of your Aunt. When my mother passed a few years ago I sat down with her some weeks before and told her, “Mom, tell me what your favoritye place is – the best place you have ever lived in your life.” She said it was the hills of Clifton, Ohio, overlooking Cincinnati in the valley below. (I didn’t know she had ever been to Cincinnati, and I’d even lived there myself for a few years!) I asked her to tell me a bit about the area and what she liked about it until she really had a grasp of the location. Then, I said “We’ve never really talked before about what I’m going to bring up here, and I really don’t care what you think about it because it’s too late on the game for me not to speak my heart to you. I’m going to tell you something that you may not believe and I’m not concerned whether you do or not. That’s not important. What IS important is that some day not too very far up the line your body is going to die, and you will find yourself wondering what is going on. So here is what I want to tell you: You are a spirit and you cannot die. At the end of this body’s life, YOU will go on, and because you have never thought about this, I want you to be prepared for it.”

      Believe me, my friend, a direct and loving comm line to someone coming to the end of their days will be a tonic. Just go for it. If she goes, blah,blah,blah – she WILL remember this conversation when the times comes!

      I did this with both of my parents, and I know they passed beautifully and without trauma.

      Remember, as LRH says, the Being basically knows.

      I know you are a blessing to her and she will listen because you are such an honest and sincere person.



      • Bruce Meyers

        What a great reply. I wasn’t as elegant but did the same with my mother when she was about to leave and am pretty sure she came back as one of my grandsons.

        I had brought her to one of your seminars and she was so afraid, even said out the side of her mouth when you asked her a question: “why’s he talking to me?”.

        I loved your seminars then and am so, so glad you put your tone scale seminar on line. It is going to be my easy introduction to new people now.

        So, thank you so much for your work. I plan on sending many to see you for who is a better speaker than you for all this glorious tech.

      • Hi Bruce,
        Well it’s great to hear from you. Sorry to hear I gave your mom a fright in that seminar, but I’m sure that, thanks to your affection and comm, she fared well in her transition. She remains close by, from the sound of things!

        I hope that seminar does many a good turn, and I thank you for helping me to get it circulated. I’m sure many will benefit.

        I’m operating in Germany and Russia and South Africa these days and having a wonderful time showing people this glorious tech. How lucky we are to have it!

        Stay in touch, will you?

        All the best,


  5. Andrea

    Hi Mark,

    I found your website from my internet search for more information on Scientology. My curiosity derives from recent (last 5- 7 yrs) of media reports on Scientology. I am a practicing Muslim living in Northern Virginia. My curiosity in Scientology isn’t in the religious aspect but more of improvement of self and my interactions with people (work, social, etc). Islam has its own religious ethics and morality code, but for something not limited to religion and dealing more specifically with human interaction is what spurs my curiosity with Scientology, if that makes sense. I am currently watching your Tone Scale Seminar on youtube and I am on video 2, but if you have any further suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.



    • As-Salamu Alaykum.

      I am happy to read your post and to hear that you are Muslim. There are many many Muslims in the United States today who practice the aspects of Scientology for which you inquire – the social and workplace applications. In fact I have spent the last 30 years doing seminars – such as the Tone Scale seminar you are watching – to peoples of all faiths in all corners of the world. My orientation for these is to the business and social applications, and have no connection with the Church of Scientology at all which deals of course with the spiritual applications of this technology.

      If you would like to pursue your interest in these social applications, I recommend very highly that you go on-line to

      This site will give you an overview of some free on-line training courses that address a number of social and business areas, and you would find the information they contain very practical indeed.

      If there are is anything else I can do for you Andrea, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Peace be upon you,


  6. Thank you, Sinar.


  7. Hi Mark,

    I looked at your tone scale seminar on youtube and i really liked it a lot.
    I also recently left the church, i didn’t go very high up the bridge and training but got a lot of great information from my studies and really liked my gains.
    I’m trying to establish some comm lines with scientologist out side the church.

    I live in the San Francisco bay area, where do you live?

    E-mail me back if you like.


  8. newcomer

    Hi Mark,
    Nice job on the points you made in your recent comm to the Flag MAAs. I would like to connect up for a visit if that works for you.

    If you are in the SF bay area I am close enough to make a drive sometime at your convenience.

  9. This is great. I wonder what you find about the site that is most useful and you would like to see more?

  10. Ronn S.

    Mark, did you [today] send out an email to “friends of Mark Shreffler”, entitled; A Message from Mark Shreffler? I ask because I received it, just now, but “gmail” incluided a warning I’ve never seen, that it may not be from Mark Shreffler. Very odd. My em is ronnie.stacy@gmail(dot)com I’m afraid to fwd, but it is basically an LRH quote and then your letter to FLAG MAA.

    • Hi Ronn,

      Yes, that was from me. I’ve been trying to get some attention on these issues for years now, and since I’m getting no replies from up lines I decided to up the gradient and include more of our community in the conversation – should they chose it. Some won’t like it I suppose because it rattles their reality a bit, but the greatest return I’m getting is that I’m not the only one with these observations and concerns about the survival of our church.

      Thanks for your inquiry.


  11. Gabriel Patzl

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks for this nice website.

    I was greatly inspired by your e-book about selling – a simple, straight forward and easy to follow way to explain sales basics and to get across that something can be done about various situations in life.

    I do appreciate your e-book so much that I would like to translate 2 or 3 pages of it for the German blog. You would be credited for your authorship, of course, and a link to your website would be posted as well. Howver, I cannot do this without your authorization. What are your ideas about that ?

    • Hello Gabriel,

      Thank you for your kind comments. Of course my purpose is to get this material out far and wide, and you are most welcome to copy segments and refer people to the blog! Thank you for helping me, and good luck with your work! Best, Mark

  12. Hi Mark,

    I was wondering if you did sales coaching through skype or something like that? Could we talk? Here is my email address. Thanks!

    • Hi Kate,

      I’m sure we could work something out if there are particular areas you need to address. I’ll drop you a mail at the address you left.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • thunder1949

        My dear Mark,

        thank you very much for all the news that you are sending to me!!! I am very glad to see that people are appreciating your excellent job!!!!



        ________________________________ : Mark Shreffler – Scientologist at Large : : 11:18 .. , 10 2012 : [New comment] Contact markshreffler commented: “Hi Kate, I’m sure we could work something out if there are particular areas you need to address. I’ll drop you a mail at the address you left. Thanks for stopping by! Mark”

      • Hello Katerina!

        Always such a pleasure to hear from you, my friend. I hope you are surfing well above the crystal waters in Greece! L, Mark

  13. Rainman

    Hi Mark,
    I downloaded your sales book last night and am about half way thru it. It is rather fabulous, I must say. I am starting a new business and have been searching for material to increase my sales abilities. Your book is simple to understand and very practical to apply. My sister, Debbie told me that you were a great FSM and seminar speaker. Hopefully someday I can attend one of your seminars if you ever get to somewhere around San Antonio or Austin. Thanks, Rc

    • Hey RC,

      Thanks very much for the visit, and I’m happy you are getting something out of the book. I have done sales workshops all over the planet and I’m finally here in the States to set about showing more of this amazing technology. Wherever it is applied to salesrooms, the stats go UP!

      Feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll add stuff as appropriate to your needs.

      Good luck with your new venture!


    • Hi Randall,

      Thanks ver much for your comm. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the book and hope to hear from you again when you finished it. It’s about to be formally published through Amazon and I’m excited about it. I also have a book on the Tone Scale that will be rolling off soon.

      I love that area of Texas and have many friends there. Nothing would please me more than to get back there for a few events. If it happens, I’ll let you know!

      Please give my fondest regards to Debbie!


  14. Sapere Aude

    Mark – I always enjoyed your writings. Anything in the near future?

    • Hello friend.

      I’m happy that you are staying tuned. I have been off galavanting and have neglected my blog to a great degree. I really need to put something in. Maybe a link to the site I have been developing called Check it out! I’d like to get your feedback.



  15. Paul M. Foster

    Minor point, Mark. If I’m not sorely mistaken, all the commenters for your “Turning Points” post are spam bots. I run a similar WordPress blog, and one of my add-ons (can’t think of the dang name of it) catches these routinely and marks the comments as “spam” for me. I recognize many of the names used (same as the ones on that post). The comment verbiage is similar and generic. Their website names are usually gibberish and often located in foreign countries (e.g. a suffix of “.fr”). Just thought I’d let you know, in case you weren’t aware.

    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks a lot for the heads up. I became aware of this spam bot business awhile back and usually delete these things anymore. I spend so little time monitoring this site, and it’s been ages since I posted here. But thanks very much for your assist. Love, Mark

  16. Mark,

    Thanks SO much for your work. I’m really keen to speak with you and share a bit of what I’m doing and how we might be able to work with you.

    What’s the best way to get in direct communication?

    Oodles of admiration,

    Tera Warner

    • Hello Tera,

      It’s been awhile since I have “checked in” to this blog but I’m happy to re-hab the thrill I got from your comm. I hope you’re doing very well, and have no doubt of your sparkling future!

  17. Hi Mark, Dr André Lajoie, chiropractor here. I use to live in Sydney Australia and work for Bret Hansell, in the sutherland shire. I’m just wondering if it is you. We did the tone sale course and your ‘sale’ book. I still remember the ‘pick a card’ joke to someone you don’t want at your office.
    Hear from you soon

  18. 1984dejavue

    Hi Mark,
    I like your post on the S.Africans Back in comm blog.
    Can you get back to me at ?

  19. Cheers, Your seminar 1st part, was good.

    • Hi John,

      I’m glad you think so. I hope you’ll find some useful information as you browse around, and let me know if there is anything else you would like to say or ask.

    • Hi John,

      I might have missed this posting as I only rarely check in to this blog. I’m glad you enjoyed Part 1 and hope you’ve had a chance to get in to the “juicy stuff.”

      All the best,


      • John Wiedeman

        State of Grace w/ Madonna enlightening, superb! 350 year come back to bite you in the ass, great. And that it was you and that you kept at the game and that you are still traveling and that you teach yourself and learn in 350 year cycles. Physical U. has no chance. What can I say to a god?
        If there is any jucier please direct me.

      • Hi John,

        Very happy you enjoyed the Madonna as much as I did! What a thrill she is. You’ve inspired me, speaking of 350 year cycles, to relate the story of stamp collecting. I’ll get to it in the next couple of days. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.

        Warm regards,


  20. Greetings Mr. Shreffler.
    I am watching your tone scale seminar and I am just beginning part 3 right now and having a wonderful time with it. Your ability to present a concept to an audience and bring about understandings is just out of this world, it is amazing!

    I don’t know if you’ve already delivered the “Ethics and the spirit of play” seminar but if you did, I am very much interested in how I can get a copy of it.

    Keep up the excellent work you are doing. I thought I couldn’t learn more about these subjects you covered in your seminar as I was already an “expert”. Boy was I wrong. You have an unique way to present different aspects of a subject as well as differents ways to look at them and apply them to life.

    Thanks for being there communicating !!!


    Peter Torres

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comments here, long unacknowledged. I hope this finds you well and making progress.



      • Hi Mark,

        Thanks for the comm. Things are going Ok, thank you ; making progress. I hope things are going well for you too.

        ARC PETER

  21. Bruce

    Hello again,

    Here is something I would love and perhaps others might contribute as well.

    You had GREAT stories about your sons and their contributions and the graphs, I believe they were graphs, on the refrigerator. I cannot tell you how many times I have talked about that story to others. The stories were so inspirational and so, I believe others would love them too, if you have the time to put them up on your site.

    The second part of this is to have a “ways I used LRHs materials”. I believe you will need a new section as there are o many good stories and you might even want to have this broker down as in: work, the home, my group, creating, etc.

    Thanks again for putting this – very aesthetic as well as fun,

    • Hi Bruce,

      It’s a great idea! In fact I am currently rolling out a number of books… I actually wrote one HUGE one but came to my senses and am splitting it up in to many. These cover all the basics I have been covering for years in ethics, tech and admin. Every story I think I have ever told – and then some – are included in these downloadable little gems. I’m very excited about the project, and will consider my “hat turn-over” is complete when they are done. This will occur over the coming year, and all will be downloadable from a site I will create for that purpose.

      Thanks for your comm!



      • Bruce

        It is funny but I was just thinking of this – you writing stories and in particular of your two sons who were both taught about contribution. This is one of the best stories I have ever heard about raising kids helping them to become great people.

        So, #1 have you put your book together, #2 where can I obtain a copy or #3 do you have any stories about your experience raising your own children.

        I really enjoy marketing and cannot think of anyone I would rather promote if you are in need or want someone there in your corner.

        But first, if you have stories about raising kids it would be great to see them and I have a lot of people I would share them with.

        Lastly, thank you for all that you are doing.


      • Hi Bruce,

        Thank you so much for your comms, which I have just read through. I’m flushed by your comments and enthusiasms.

        As to the books, I wrote a book on the Emotion Scale many years ago and it was twelve years on “Issue Authority” lines. Fortunately, a galley copy of the manuscript made it to Russia and was translated. It sold a couple hundred thousand copies there, which I discovered, much to my surprise, when I visited Russia and found that am Elvis over there because of that book. I was very happy, obviously, that so many had benefited. Now I have revised that book and it is about done. I will have it published and let you know.

        I wrote another called “Five Myths that are Ruining Your Sales.” Lousy title as it puts attention on a negative. Lesson learned. Sales were terrible, of course, largely due to this title (my dub-in, as the material is superb.) Anyway, that is available on-line. It’s been so long since I’ve looked at the site that I don’t recall which of the book-publishing sites carries it, but I’m sure you can Google it and find out! That book will also be re-worked, re-Titled and re-posted.

        A book on Management Fundamentals is also in progress, though I must say closer to the bottom of the heap of my incomplete projects!

        As regards a book on raising kids, Miracles for Breakfast by Minshull is already out there and an excellent tome. I am not likely to tackle that subject in a book as my own experience is mostly through vicariously enjoying the successful actions of friends. My own engagement with kids has been sadly as an absentee father. I have been very selfish in the investment of my time, and credit the presence of Mom to do the heavy lifting in this regard. That said, the critical area for attention is Granting Beingness and the full application of Axiom 28 – the communication formula.

        It’s great to hear from you, Bruce, and I hope you’ll stay in touch!

        All the best,


  22. Bruce

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your enthusiastic response.

    I don’t know if this is something you might consider but there are ghost writers who help with these things and they know about where to put the periods, where to put the commas as well as are great with some questions. And, you being a great communicator might not benefit a lot but… It might be worth consideration.

    The only one that I know is Karen McCredie who wrote a book “How to Write a Book in 33 Days”.

    And, there is a group “AWAI” that you might find some use for. They are American Writers Association and they have a lot of people that are willing to give feedback on shorter pieces (chapters), if you need that from Non-Scn.

    Anyway, I am excited about your book and look forward to it.

    Thank you again.


  23. Ned McCrink


    I wa the largest donor to OC’s so called “Ideal Org” (yeah, right. All except for one ingredient! People moving on the Bridge.

    By the way, your email mentioning the Falsely Reported Library Campaign was contributory to me investigating.

    It was something that didn’t require any data from the Church: I just went on line and researched it myself.

    Anyway. Some very important stuff going on and I thought of you.

    Please call or write at your earliest convenience.

    These are times of challenge and ENORMOUS opportunities.

    PS. Yes, I’m Declared – as is my 2d

  24. Jean Grier

    Hi Marky
    I love you

  25. Hi Mark,
    Just thought I’d get a comm line in with you. Name is Jim Newell. I and my wife Susi left the Cos around 2014. We left CW and now live in North Idaho. I still field audit and we both are doing Great!!
    I have watched a few of your talks at Tampa years ago. Live comm in abundance from you, now that’s what the cos is missing these days.

    My best …Jim

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