Five Myths That Are Ruining Your Sales

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4 thoughts on “Five Myths That Are Ruining Your Sales

  1. Thanks a ton for giving out these facts. I\’m surely fascinated in knowing additional pertaining to this issue. I am going to certainly be back!

  2. SKM

    Hello Mark,

    thank you very much for the correct definition for HARD SELL.
    I am from Germany and I never really cared about the etymology of sell nor the correct definition of *hard*

    Have a great year 2013!
    All best to you and people around you,

    • Hello SKM!

      Correct definitions make a huge difference, don’t they?

      I know the year ahead will be enhanced for you by these new understandings, so thank you for allowing me to achieve my own purpose to educate sales professionals.

      Happy New Year, SKM!

      Warmest regards,


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