On Public Speaking

I have spoken to 10’s of thousands of people in seminars and workshops around the world, so public speaking is something about which I have some familiarity.

There are probably many things to know about it, but it’s really a very simple thing to do if you can remember the simple tip I’m going to describe below.  This simple piece of advice will help you in audiences with your own staff or with rooms filled with people, or with radio interviews or presentations of about every description.

To grasp the simplicity of this pointer requires a prior understanding that I’m sure you already have – but it serves our purpose to be thorough so I will review it.

Mr.  Hubbard made a complete study of the subject of communication and observed that there is a thing called a Communication Formula.

There is point “A” and point “B”.  The line connecting them is a “communication line” and is comprised, believe it or not, of admiration.

Have you ever noticed, by the way, that when you genuinely admire someone, your communication is better received by him or her?   The communication line itself, it’s very substance, is admiration, and the more admiration you create, the better your communication!

But that is not the tip I want to tell you about – though that’s a pretty good one.

I was talking about the Communication Formula,  an important part of which is CAUSE – DISTANCE – EFFECT.   It always occurs between two “terminals.”  (A “terminal” is a point  that gives or receives communication.)

One person is CAUSE.  He conceives an idea and sends it across a DISTANCE to a person who is willing to receive the communication.  This receipt point is EFFECT.  CAUSE-DISTANCE-EFFECT.

Again, this is a very important fundamental:  Communication occurs between TWO terminals.

Have you ever been nervous in front of a group?  Have you ever tried to talk to a group and felt dispersed or confused?  Here is one reason why:

You violated the Comm Formula.  The Comm Formula is NOT CAUSE-DISTANCE-EFFECTS!  (Plural on the “effects”).  It is “CAUSE – DISTANCE -EFFECT.”

In other words, ONLY TALK TO AN INDIVIDUAL.   Talking to “Groups” will disperse your communication and no one will get it.  Talk to ONE PERSON AT A TIME and everyone in the room will get it, even if there are 2500 people present.

Talk to the lady on the third row, and the man on the back  row.  Talk to the kid in row seven, and now with the the guy in the bowler half way back.  CAUSE – DISTANCE – EFFECT. Everyone else will happily eavesdrop!

In interviews on radio and TV, TALK TO THE INTERVIEWER.  With studio audiences, talk to one member of the audience at a time.

Don’t rush.  You’re having a conversation with a person you really admire, and you have all the time in the world to do it.

ENJOY YOURSELF and admire these individuals and you’ll be a smashing success!

Does this help you?


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15 thoughts on “On Public Speaking

  1. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my site :).

    • Excellent. If there are any questions or areas you want addressed,, let me know and we will post appropriately! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Moti

    The first part about admiration explained to me why sometimes I do not get through with my communication. This makes me speak louder which lessens the understanding of the other side. I have just lost the admiration factor. It usually happens with my child.
    Thanks Mark

    • Hi Moti!

      Thank you for sharing this revelation. It’s such simple stuff, isn’t it? Now you have also made ME feel great thinking about you and your child!

  3. Ubiquilo


    Yes, this DOES help. I have done some public speaking, and I can see how this (admiration + picking one person at a time to speak to) will help.

    Now, I’m thinking How can I apply this to writing? Thoughts?

    Thanks again.

    • Ubiquilo,

      Thanks for your post. I’m glad it helps.

      Two fundamentals that I use in any sort of discourse – writing or speaking – are

      1. “Greater Simplicity is Greater Communication.”

      2. Never talk or write about things you are not truly interested in. It is more important to be interestED than interestING.

      These have served me well.


  4. enccas

    This data is great and gives me a good hint on what I should do when talking in a public occasion. Thanks.

  5. Mark, thanks for the public speaking advice. I’ve got three speaking gigs coming up in sept and October and It helps to be reminded of this point about talking to an individual and not a group. I also appreciated your advice to UB about writing, especially the second point about not writing to be interesting… I hadn’t ever thought of this as it applies to writing! Good stuff… Thank you so much for creating this theta space… Marsha

    • Marsha! I am flattered with your comments as you are certainly the pro in this area. I actually still carry an interview you gave on the radio to a woman who represented public authors who wanted to promote their books. What a knockout!

      I’m having a ball with this space and it seems to be very well received. Thank you so much for your kindness, and I look forward to our nect chat! Mark

  6. Hey Shreff-a-lator,
    I’ve done a fair share of public speaking. I have done some lectures where my ARC with the audience was through the roof and I didn’t come down from the high for hours, and others where the audience turned in to a lynch mob and I narrowly escaped with my life.
    Of course I have tried to analyze many times, what made the good ones good and the horrible ones a disaster.
    Without a doubt you’re short, concise, words of advice have made more sense of these burning questions than anything I have read before.
    Admiration and one person at a time…I will make sure to focus on these tips at my next workshop and report back to you the results!
    Andrew B. Porter

  7. Hello Andy!!

    I can’t believe this got passed me! I need to check this blog more regularly!! Very happy to hear you found value in this post, and I know noone who will use it to better effect with more people than you! I’m looking for that report! best, Shreff

  8. Thanks very much! Tell your friends! Thank you for stopping by.


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