“Never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred.  Never desire revenge.

“It requires real strength to love man.  And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.

“Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate.  To hate alone is the road to disaster.  To love is the road to strength.  To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness.  And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”   Ron Hubbard

“Your self-determinism depends upon your ability to tolerate the actions of others or to direct them at will, depends upon your ability to have charity to your fellow man, depends upon your ability when in a position of trust to demonstrate mercy.”  Ron Hubbard


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  1. Hello Mark,

    I just learned about you and saw your youtube videos on the tone scale.

    I learned that you just disconnected from the co$.

    I was in the cos in Toronto for a few days in 97 then was declared and learned about the fz three months later and have been enjoying it since.

    What are your plans now?

    Are you going to start up your own independent fz org now?

    or are you going to join an existing one?

    or what?


    • Hello Dio,

      Thanks for your comm.

      I didn’t leave the church. I served notice to it’s management and withdrew my support as LRH says is appropriate in the Way to Happiness Book.

      Scientology is my religion. I am greatly benefited by its applications to my life, and bring benefit in turn to those around me. I see no reason to discontinue this just because a few senior managers in the church go off on a boondoggle and distract our congregation from the task of exchanging Scientology with the people’s of Earth.

      There are “crazies” in the “Independent” network as well. We can see a war of service facsimiles going on, and no gain for anyone.

      The important thing, as far as I am concerned, is to remain focused on the Aims of Scientology, and to continue pushing this intention down the road in all of my activities.

      A world without war and crime and insanity, where honest people can have rights and rise to higher levels: I will assist anyone I can in whatever way I can who aligns with these goals.

      You will note, for example, by the presence of the THRIVE video link on this site that there are many groups that align with this goal. I recommend highly that you watch that video and enjoy with me the recognition that we are not the only group in the world who wants to “do something about it,” and that by associating with groups like this we can actually accomplish The Aims.

      That is my plan, and I thank you for asking!



      • Jewel

        This is my first time viewing your blog . I agree that the thing to do is to just move forward with the job of enlightenment. Making people wrong, fighting ‘enemies’ and dramatizing is what the Church has as its mission is seems. I like your theta approach. Also, the education video I saw years ago in a class. It has merit for sure. There are many great things going on in education despite the terrific 3rd party and attempt to discredit. The attempt to make work meaningful and applicable to life is a top purpose. It is called ‘authentic instruction’. This is my area of study which is why I took notice.
        Anyway, peace to you and thank you for your uptone website. I shall return.

      • Hello Jewel!

        Thank you so much for your comments, with which I heartily agree. My own education in school was an animal quite disconnected from real application in life. It wasn’t until I found my own purpose that I actually engaged with real education. One thing I discovered over my years as a teacher is that barriers to learning itself are only two: not having your own purpose for studying a subject was the senior one, but no less important is the barrier of thinking you already know everything there is to know about the subject – the “know-best.” You and I could talk for hours about education to good purpose, I’m sure!

        Thanks again for looking in!


  2. Mark!

    Excellent that you got yourself a blog. I took the liberty to post your Tone Scale seminar videos on my blog:


    My freaders arealready busy commenting on them 🙂

    • Hi Isene,

      I hope they benefit greatly from this material. I have yet to find a part of the world where it is not well received!

      I know you are a speaker of some renown, and wonder if these are the sorts of things you relate in your own work?

      Warm regards,


      PS. I look very forward to seeing you again, Geir!

  3. DeLizabeth

    Seems that you have other blogs and lost the one I briefly acknowledged on.
    I want you to know how much I liked what you said about ethics. At one point in the ’80’s I felt all alone but found others to my delight. Wish I could’ve said all that and I applaud you.
    I like the spirit of play and what you have written here. Nice to have you among us exes. I listened to some of your seminars so far and liked. I’m a great fan of isene, his articles and thread are a pleasure. Look forward to hear more from you on your travels.
    De 🙂

  4. Hello De,

    Thank you very much for your comments. I’m not aware of other blogs that I have, but remain a bit mystified by the medium. Maybe it was a few weeks ago when I was trying to buy something on-line. hit the wrong key and presto – another blog operating on automatic! It’s quite a world, hey?

    Very happy to hear that you have found delight in new friendships, and a good comm line with Isene. I haven’t seen him in years but look forward to restoring our friendship.

    What are you doing now?



    • deLizabeth

      Hi Mark,
      I may have picked up a link from Isene’s blog. The article talked some about ethics and thought was a blog. Well, here we are… I’m still a sorta newbee on internet… but getting better every day.

      Hey, that would be neat to have an automatic blog. I have done so much research on blogs, links, etc., it boggles my mind if I let it. Wish I could make more time and what I do is spread it around.

      I am and have been working on a public getting out party. Writing up stuff as it makes it’s presence solid-ish, then liquify it on a draft page and store. Seems a write up is the thing to do, but not easily for me, I’m complicated :-). I go with my gut and the wind.

      Admire friendliness, thanks and love, too.


      • Hello De,
        I’m flattered that Geir would link me to his many friends. Like you, I am new to this internet business, but recognize it now as an essential part of our social consciousness. We’ll have to help one another get our wits around it!

        I’ll watch you develop your party with interest, and hope you will give me pointers and feedback from time to time.

        And so forth, through the next phase…


      • deLizabeth

        Good to hear and I will look forward to reading your discoveries.

  5. deLizabeth

    P.S. Do you plan on writing articles aside from quotes? I’d really like to hear your viewpoint, should you be a writer 🙂

    • I don’t think I answered this question, De, but the answer is certainly YES, I will be writing a series of articles concerning the essential turning points in my own understandings of our technology in the hope that they will accelerate the interest of my readers in discovering more about the world around them – and sharing their discoveries with me! 🙂

  6. Poet13c

    Excellent blog, Mark. A pleasure to read. I hope you find time to do more videos, too.

    • Thank you, Rich. I had a look at your blog as well and will be monitoring it. Lots of stuff to see and read and learn.

  7. Good to see you “up and at ’em”! I am sure you remember the addage, “When they all think you are dead, say something!”. I was staff in Portland in the 70’s and then went to PAC and was SO there for years; I would see you from time to time peripherally and would always see you delighting others and being delighted by them. Best wishes to you.

    • Hi Dan!

      Great comm! Thank you very much. I’m glad you said something!

      Have you seen the THRIVE video and the “For Our Children” segment. VERY cool videos!

  8. Hi Mark! All around inspiring communication. You did a seminar in Vegas back in the early 90’s for about nine of our people. Seven of them signed up immediately for the comm course. I have been in the public Div since 73 and never saw a more effective introduction before or since.

    My wife and I run an independent center in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. Website is http://www.lifeenhance.org.

    We deliver everything from the comm course to Clear. We work right next door to a couple of LRH trained class VIIIs who deliver all of the OT levels including the originals. We also train thru class VIII.

    What I’d like to know is what YOU need and want from us that would help you to play your game with the same, or even more gusto that has made you famous around the world. What kind of set up would you need in order for us to entice you up here for a week or a weekend?

    I have a lot more questions, but I’ll settle for this at present.

    You can contact me at idealscene1@gmail.com.

    Les Warren

    PS: Everyone in our place has seen Thrive at least once:)
    It’s incredible.

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  10. Yes they are. Many people are i n Theta the solver mode!

  11. Vlad Kaydakov

    “The aim of Scientology is a new era of love instead of hate and a reign of sanity instead of chaos.” Such a beautiful quote… I must have read it before but didn’t obviously pay enough attention to it. Thank you.

    • Hello Vlad!

      Yes, beautiful indeed. I’m always happy to discover how many people from how many far flung places find agreement in these simple words. Very encouraging for the future, hey?

      I look forward to a return to Russia (in a warmer season!) where I can renew my sense of awe for the grandeur of it’s people. I see a bowl of Borsht between us in the future!

  12. Argggg!!! Mark!!! Could you be any more awesome????!!!

    I grew up in a Scientology family and then joined the S.O. in my teens (was on staff for over a decade). After witnessing so many outpoints and corruption in S.O. management, I grew increasingly distant from CofS. Finding the correct indications of the suppression of Scientology blew the PTSness and all my grade chart gains came back. I discovered the “indepedent field” and my hope was restored. I am under the radar until I can get my family safe-pointed (all are Scientologists and some are on the higher OT levels).

    I love the positive emphasis in your blog, and the quotes you use on your home page are spot on. Funny, I was just thinking about “What is Greatness” the other day and how it applies to the current situation with CSI management. I feel it is critical that we as independent Scientologists continue to emphasize helping people to go free (making Clears, OTs and auditors) instead of engaging in a games condition–that seems to be very much at the core of what you are trying to do.

    I only know you by reputation, but I hope our paths cross some day. Thanks again for being who you are, and doing what you do!

    • Hi “Anonidie,”

      I’m happy to see you here and discover you as a kindred spirit. I wish you the very best with the tasks ahead, and with your progress in the indie field.

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